Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Friendly Fire for Christmas!

I was able to make the end of the Friendly Fire concert at The Beach Bum. I always look forward to going there because Minni gives each visitor such a very warm welcome. Case sang Silent Night; how very appropriate given the date and time.

I found Isobela next to the beer keg. I like that spot myself, too! We danced through the end of the concert when it was time to burn the Christmas tree. I was able to snap a picture of Mack in front of the tree just before it disappeared in flames.

After the show I went tuxedo shopping with Isobela. Thanks to a well-timed Christmas bonus I was also able to get a new pair of dress shoes, too! The shoes even came with a pair of socks, a high-quality shop!

Isobela found a new dress and we had an interesting conversation about what it means for hair to be up or down. It is a very confusing subject; at first I thought my understanding of it was backwards but then it turns out I had it right in the first place.

We went dancing at Joce's Jazz club, also known as My Blue Heaven Jazz and Blues Club. That is a really nice place, they had decorated it for the holidays. There was a nice crowd there, about eight couples. Enough people to make it fun yet not so many as to be crowded.

Isobela and I chatted all evening about economics, physical security, psychology and all manner of things. She always amazes me with the depth of her knowledge, courage and compassion. The next thing I knew there was only one other couple there; we had shut the place down again. It had been a long Christmas Day for each of us so we said our good nights and headed off to re-live sugar-plum dreams.


Jocelyn said...

Joce's Jazz Club? hmmm ::giggle::

Tycho Beresford said...

Well everyone refers to that place as Joce's Jazz Club; so if you were to open your own you'd have to come up with a different name.