Thursday, December 27, 2007

Catting around and the DJ Exposition

I was in and out of Nightclub Echo Echo all afternoon and evening for the DJ Exposition. The Exposition was an amazing string of seven DJs and four hostesses performing from 2 to 9 on Boxing Day. First up was DJ Hy and Padula, followed by DJ Jocelyn and Padula.

I had to leave near the middle of Jocelyn's show to get ready for the Friendly Fire show at Cat's Club. I had been to Cat's once before and it was a pretty neat place filled with pools of lava and boulders and a large stage.

Isobela was hostessing for DJs Shayla and Raven who followed DJ Joce so she wasn't able to make it to Cat's. Based on her experience with the crowds at the Friendly Fire show the day before she was worried that things might be a little overwhelming for one officer, but I assured her that I would be fine. Of course, she was right.

Things started out well; Cat the owner of Cat's Club was there and helping to greet the fans who were showing up early. At show time we ran into some technical difficulties with the sound system, though, so Cat had to go help out with that leaving me to meet and greet everyone.

At a rough guess, based on the conversation that I heard in the Club, about a third of the people there spoke German, about a third Spanish and the rest English. There were a couple of Swedes too, but they seemed to switch between German and English. We had hosted German and Spanish foreign exchange students before so I had a little bit of their languages, enough to know when they wanted something and a good idea of what it was.

The crowd had grown to fill the place, there were even people stacked up out of view of the stage behind the boulders. Tkid was there and a few other Friendly Fire regulars, but the vast majority of the fifty-plus people there were not group members so I was very busy running around handing out group invites, t-shirts, Friendly Fire buttons and other paraphernalia.
Steverino was there, I haven't seen him around lately. I didn't see Minni from the Beach Bum. One group of locals had an awesome dance routine; they were all dressed in black, had matching black umbrellas opened (it was an outdoors venue) and all danced in unison. It was cool to watch them dance and hop around.
Case sang Happy birthday to Peter, one of the fans there. There were also many members of the Virtual Live Band - a musical group whose members live all over world but play together! A very interesting concept, I want to look into them some more. At the end of the show we had nineteen new Friendly Fire Friends, a new personal record for me.

After a quick bite to eat I headed back to the rocky crags to enjoy the DJ Raven and Isoblea show. After they finished Iso and I danced to DJ Farr and Tracy, DJ Donagh and Tracy, and DJ SazzyLizzy and Morgan. When Sazzy was DJing a bunch of her friends joined her on the dance floor in a kind of line dance. They were having a great time cutting up and bumping into each other and just being silly.Jocelyn had collected childhood pictures of the performers and a few others and had created a kind of bulletin board in the club so we could try and guess who's picture was who's. Little things like that are what make good shows into fantastic ones, and this day at Echo Echo was fantastic.

After closing down the club yet again Isobela and I headed over to the Blarney Stone for some coffee, tea and conversations about people and places and people. It was a nice way to wind down and another amazing, exciting, wonderful day in this place. We are blessed.

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