Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Red Windmill

I wanted to just relax and be around people for a while to do some writing; stopped by the Blarney Stone and it was pretty dead except for Ginger. Ended up at the Pier where there was a nice crowd dancing to DJ Hoby; my cousin Bourbon showed up right after me. I found a free spot near the edge or the pier and danced and chilled and checked out the people and the chat and had a nice time.

The Pier has something called a Cootie Detector; it said I have 1786 cooties. A couple of other people tried it right after me and it said they each had about three times as many. I'm not sure exactly what a cootie count is, and the people there weren't very forthcoming with an explanation, but they all found it hilarious. Cous Bourbon said a score of 1786 is very respectable; I think I should be offended. Damn family.

Later I helped Isobela out a little bit with hanging a new front door. She had finished her balcony so we had to test out the hot tub. It worked flawlessly.

Scarlet was playing in the Moulin Rouge Ballroom that evening. She has a heavy Georgia-peach accent when speaking, but it's hardly noticeable when she sings. She sang from 7 to 8, and was so good that we decided to stay for her second performance at 8:30!

Tomorrow afternoon Mimi plays in the Moulin Rouge Ballroom, I'd like to make her show. According to her bio, Mimi "is a dynamic young French broad who is passionate about music. She sings in both English and in French and is currently living in Germany. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical styles, Mimi is pretty eclectic and her repertoire includes covers with strong rock, indie and pop influences, accompanied by acoustic guitar."

That night I had a confusing phone call with Mack, but I did learn that Isobela likes yard sales. Life is good.

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