Friday, December 21, 2007

Friendly Fire Friends Tree

I went to a Christmas party at my daughter's school gym. It was cool, must have been 2-300 people in there. We had pizza, chips, cookies and milk, sodas and even a cotton-candy machine! The principal led us all in caroling, and he's pretty good - has his own band. An of course Santa showed up to take pictures with all of the little ones and pass out small gifts.

I was planning on being late to the Friendly Fire concert because of the party, but Santa had to leave early. They were having production problems at the North Pole and at this time of year that is not a good thing. In any case I was able to make it to Club Casa Blanco just before the start of the show.

The Friendly Fire Friends Tree looked wonderful. At first it didn't look like there were too many ornaments on it, but as you stepped around it you could see that the tree's branches hid numerous hand-made ornaments. Of course one ornament stood out from the rest, the one that Isobela made for me!

Isobela showed up, and Joce and many others. Adrian even put in an appearance. Friendly fire played a few more holiday songs than they usually do; Case did a guitar solo of Greensleeves, then he and Mack sang Silent Night and later on Jingle Bells!

After the show it was time to torch the tree, but first Case had to do some additional last minute tree decorating. After getting it just-right he lit a few branches.

Soon the fire spread all over the tree…

And then, in the blink of an eye, it was gone! Just a few small wiffs of flame that quickly poofed out.

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