Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ouch! OuchOuch!!

I spent the morning searching for the perfect sprig of Mistletoe. Mistletoe research is an most important yet often overlooked part of the Christmas season. I found a number of candidate sprigs, now I'll have to find someone to help me test them!

Later I stopped by the Dj Hangout where DJ Judristen was smoothly rocking Isobela, Case, Gussie, Raven, Rosie, Farr, Argus, Diane and Joce. Jud sang a song for us at the end; he's really very good. So good in fact that Jocelyn fainted dead away. Luckily Jud was close enough to catch her before she hit the deck.

In the afternoon I put up many of the Christmas decorations that I had been gathering at my place. I was even able to get my tree set up in the breakfast nook. Getting that huge wreath up to the second story was a bear!

The evening was dedicated to Group Therapy at Club Therapy with Music Therapist DJ Jocelyn. We all need more therapy, especially Hy and Tracy, Case and Mack, Tkid, Starr, Pru, Tank, Brooke in her Santa outfit, Niky, Isabel and many, many others. Tonight was another spanking therapy session choreographed by Spanking Therapist Joce. She seemed to have it in for me in particular, and boy does she hit hard!

Isobela and I danced and chatted most of the night. We discussed her search for a new house to put on her lot. She's found a few she likes, but she and Jocelyn are going to get together later to go over some different floor plans. We also talked about my search for a Christmas product tester; Iso may have someone in mind who could help me out.

Towards the end of the evening Starr announced that the theme for next week's therapy would be Christmas. I hope my new Santa suit can be fixed by then; the baggy pants and long coat will provide extra protection for me from Joce's wicked backhand.

Starr's announcement reminded me of a theme idea that I had been meaning to pass on to her, so I did. She announced to the group that I had requested a theme for the following week, but all I really did was mention it. Starr asked that I not tell anyone what the theme is yet. I don't think it's all that special, but mum's the word.


Jocelyn said...

Pssst - Jocelyn is DJing ALL the holidays - not just Christmas - it's an all or nothing thing.

I do love your blog, Tycho. It rocks! woot!

Tycho Beresford said...

I stand corrected, next week is a Holiday celebration. I like that better. I like holidays. I like all holidays. We should have more.

In fact, DJ Joce's birthday should be a national holiday. February 4th of every year.

Isobela Capalini said...

WOW !!!!!
So next Feb 4th Is National Jocelyn Day--- I'll mark the calendar....--woot woot