Saturday, December 22, 2007

Twisted Christmas

Friendly Fire received a last-minute request to play at Twisted Christmas, billed as a "Christmas for the dark-minded - the ghouls - the freaks -- and even furries!" They played on the ice-skating pond at Winterland following the Dark Aeons and I was bale to make it to do the officer thing.

The ice-skating pond was pretty cool, I'm going to go back later and skate around. There were a couple of frozen-over fjords that fed into the pond, and one area clearly marked "Thin Ice" that was calling my name!

Isobela showed up in this awesome blue and white getup that had all sorts of fur on it and seemed very warm yet at the same time seemed to show as much skin as it covered! We danced the Charleston, I think, while Mack and Case wowed the crowd with their fantastic tunes.

After the show I went home to change and met up with Iso again at Nightclub Echo Echo. DJ Jocelyn was ably assisted by hostess Jenda in putting on a fantastic show themed this day in history. The house was rocking and the crowd was loving it.

Echo Echo had a new sploder, similar to the one at Shelby's World. I had learned how to do a flanking maneuver on the one at Shelby's and that same trick worked here. I started to feel kinda bad because I kept getting the majority of the sploder coins, so I tried to hold back and only go after one or two of them. Of course the one or two I went after turned out to be the big-money ones.

Iso and I closed place down, then went looking for Jazz clubs to dance in. I had gotten the directions for a few new ones from various people that I've met. We tried a couple, and they were nice places but had no one in them. We ended up in Heaven's Wind Club and Park, a nice place built on a sky platform. It was pretty cool dancing on the clouds!

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