Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Red, Right, Return

Natalia had written in her blog about the Starboards Yacht Club offering free 1 hour rentals of the Flying Tako sailboat so I decided to go check it out. (I have links to her blog and others at the bottom of the right-hand column of my blog). The Flying Tako was a nice, small racing-type sailboat that one person could handle but could also accommodate one crewmember. I was sorely tempted to use my free hour, but held off because I thought it would be much nicer to share it with a friend.

I went exploring around the Starboards Yacht Club, which is quite close to Hollywood. They have a nice clubhouse where you can buy sails, life-jackets and other nautical-type stuff downstairs, and an elegant bar and dance floor upstairs. There is also a golf course nearby, with different holes on different small islands; I'll have to come back some day and check it out.

On one of the small islands nearby I found some catamarans pulled up on the beach; they were for sale and the beach was the showroom! They also offered a test-drive, though only for 10 minutes. I read the instructions, put on the safety vest and lifeline, and took one for a spin. What a blast!

After taking the catamaran back I continued around the island and discovered an entire boatyard; the catamarans were just one part of a sailboat-selling empire. Their boats sized from slightly larger than the Flying Tako to ones larger than my house. All were very elegant, I spent some time checking them all out and deciding which one I would get if I were to get one. I liked a simple, wooden sailboat with a small deck for sunbathing best; it would be good for relaxing days cruising around the island chains. It would also look good docked right next to my house!

I went to check out a few other boatyards before making a decision on buying. Some were just powerboats, some were all fiberglass hulls, and one place had these monster L$50,000 yachts with onboard pools and fireplaces and all manner of things. I saw some jet skis, and they reminded me that I picked up a two-seater jet ski someplace and stored it away; I'll need to see if I can dig it out again.

I had seen some boats for sale in Nantucket when I was there for a Heath concert once. I went back to look again, but they weren't immediately apparent and I was really pressed for time because DJ Hy was spinning the Blues at Echo Echo and I was missing the show. Isobela called to see where I was and said the theme was cowboy, so I changed into a cowboy outfit and headed over.

The theme was more precisely Texas Blues, so my choice of my Lone Star cowboy shirt was especially appropriate. Tracy was there of course, along with Rosie, Argus, Farr, Addie, Jace, DJ John, Hippy, Hare, Chimera and a handful of others. I was lucky enough to dance with the charming and eloquent Isobela all night.

Iso has a friend who is an accomplished sailor, so she will ask him for advice for me on choosing a boatyard. Throughout the evening I had been keeping an eye on the Monday Night Football game in which the Saints slaughtered the Falcons. They are still in the playoff hunt; four teams are fighting for two wildcard berths in the NFC.

DJ Hy's Blues were very relaxing; a nice change of pace after the marathon club-hopping the day before. There was also a costume contest going on. At the end of the evening we voted, and Rosie and I won! I think my Lone Star shirt and red cowboy hat made the difference for me; Rosie was wearing what I guess can be best described as bodacious cowboy babe clothes and a black hat. And tan spiked cowboy boots.

Shortly after the contest the gig was scheduled to end, but since so many people were there enjoying his music DJ Hy stayed late to play for us. I couldn't stay much longer, though; I have to get up very early for work and all of these late nights are wearing on me. At the same time, I'm sure that for most of the day tomorrow I'll be imagining basking in the sunshine on the teak deck of a small sailboat moored in a secluded cove in Holly Kai Three.

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