Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blue Blues

I chatted with Isobela a bit this afternoon before leaving for my meeting. I was also able to get in a little bit of clothes shopping; there are many Christmas specials going on now and I found a bunch of nice stuff. There are also many Holiday specials going on.

This meeting finished about on time so I was able to make it to Club Echo Echo to hear the second half of DJ Hy spinning the blues. His hostess this evening was his cousin any1, who asked that instead of tipping her that people donate to a worthy cause of hers; what a nice idea. Farr, Louisa, Argus, Casey, Bella, Rosie, Steverino, Hare, Wrenn and a bunch of other lucky devils were there, along with the lovely and talented Isobela.

It was a bit chilly in the club, and the ladies naturally reacted to this chill, so Hy played "Tittie Man". He followed this with "Let me funk with you", "Wang dang doodle" and "Why don't we do it in the road?" Isobela told me he had been playing similar songs all evening. DJ Hy is known throughout the Metaverse for his fantastic collection of blue Blues tunes.

Tracy stopped in for a little while; she is really feeling under the weather but she came out to see Hy and dance with him for a bit. What a trooper. Isobela and I chatted through most of the evening; her house is coming along and she was talking about decorating it for the Season. She is considering rolling her own snowman; I have already rolled my snowwoman.

At one point there was a lull in the conversation, so I started looking around the room, and then something made me look up. There, almost directly above us, were the anti-gravity dance pads that let you dance upside-down. Unused. An idea began to form. I looked back at Iso; rats - she's wearing long pants.

I asked Isobela if she had ever danced upside down, and she hadn't, so we decided to try it. Getting up there was relatively easy, you just jump up and spin around and the reverse gravity takes hold of you. We kept dancing and chatting up there. The view looking down on the dance floor was awesome.

At one point I looked at Isobela, then at the other dancers upside-down on the floor, then back at Iso, and back and forth a few more times quickly and got a cool case of vertigo. Iso didn't want to try that though, which was probably just as well. If either of us spewed it would cover the entire area that DJ Jocelyn uses when she plays there. That would be hard to explain.

While we were dancing I was also keeping an eye on the Monday Night Football game. The Patriots pulled it out at he end; what lucky dogs. That last touchdown that they made should not have counted; the receiver was obviously juggling the ball as he went out of bounds.

All good things must come to an end, as did DJ Hy's show. Isobela and I were still chatting as most people were leaving, then we started saying our goodbyes. I was talking with Bella as Iso got down and left. I was still up there when the club was just about empty, and I realized I had a problem: how does one get down from a reverse-gravity dance pad suspended forty feet in the air?

I called out to the few people left "Hey, how do I get down from here?" "Hey ya'll, this isn't funny; how do I get down?" "Don't turn out all those lights" "This isn't funny any more guys, how do I get down?" "Where are ya'll going?" "Don't lock that DOOR!" "HHHEEELLLPPP!!!"


Jocelyn said...

ROFL. Your blog keeps me going when I'm on the road.

Isobela Capalini said...

Pfft---- Long pants....
Well there won't be long pants tonight,-Diamond night-- to bad you won't be there... I'll send you a picture --Isobela

Ajay said...

hmmm... perhaps I can talk Ham into installing one of these anti-grav pads in Fibbers?


Isobela Capalini said...

Ohh Ajay that would be sooo cool....