Thursday, December 6, 2007

Glam me a Bed!

Friendly Fire was playing at The Looking Glass Head Quarter, the last of three events hosted there to celebrate their one month anniversary. The Looking Glass at is a site featuring news, observations, pictures and current events about the Metaverse. Sojurn Rossini and Funky Rang played first, and then Case and Mack stole the show.

The Looking Glass Head Quarter has a glass dance floor as their roof; it is a pretty amazing place. I had arrived a little late, there was some mix-up on the start times and I missed the sweet, sweet strings of 'Radio', so when I arrived I hurried upstairs to dance.

Ajay, Tkid, NEMO, Poppy, Moard, cat and a whole mess of locals were there. Case mentioned he need a little loving, and beds started appearing on the dance floor! Just a sign of the times, really. As one astute commenter noted; "Some clubs you bat around beach balls. But with Friendly Fire? It's sex beds."

When the Glamtastic MiaSnow arrived Case told us about the incredible Friendly Fire poster that she had made for them. He kept going on about how fantastic it was, and he was right! She told us the URL so I browsed there and Wow!

Mack and Case were in a very good mood and it was contagious. There was much more goofing around on the microphone than they usually do, and the antics of Moard and NEMO kept us all in stitches. It was without a doubt the best time that I have ever had at a Friendly Fire gig, and I have been to alot of them.

During the show Case had again asked for us to donate Christmas ornaments for a Friendly Fire tree, so after the show broke up and Case and Mack went home for some dinner I started browsing Christmas ornament shops. I figured that I would end up making my own, but I wanted to get some ideas on the latest fads this year.

In hindsight, that was a kinda silly thing to do. The greatest graphic artist in the metaverse owes me many favors. I was reminded of this when Isobela called and asked what I was doing. When I explained I was promptly chided for not asking her first. She asked what I wanted in an ornament, colors and such. I provided her with the Eagle Globe and Anchor emblem that I wanted and within three shakes of a lamb's tail I had the most perfect Christmas ornament that I've seen!

After thanking her profusely I asked her to meet me at the House of Solstice Silk Designs; they were having a special on Snowman slippers that I thought she would like. While there we noticed that they had set up a small Winter Wonderland and dance area above the House, so of course we had to try out the dance floor.
Afterwards we went to Ann De's where there were more specials going on. Isobela found yet another new dress; man that girl can shop. But then again, I've never known one who couldn't. I changed into the kilt that I had gotten there earlier, and we decided that dressed up as we were that we just had to go dance to some Jazz.

DJ Jocelyn had given me the directions to a place that she recommended, but I found that I had two sets of directions to Jazz places in my pocket and didn't know which was which. We tried the Sunset Jazz Club in Alexandria first. It was a nice place, but it was dead - there was nobody there except the cleaning lady.

We then went to the Blue Note Retro Jazz Lounge and it was kicking. This was the place that Joce recommended. It was very nice; cool crowd, nice music, excellent DJ. Iso really liked it; she actually said "Jocelyn is the bomb." I would tend to agree. Thank you, Joce!


Isobela Capalini said...

Once again I miss an awesome FF Concert.... I soooo need my FF fix.... dang it

Jocelyn said...

I need my SL fix, Iso! Hopefully, I'll be back home and on SL tomorrow.

BTW - I'm so glad you enjoyed the Blue Note - I LOBE that place. : D