Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Tuesday is one of my most favorite days of the week because Friendly Fire has their weekly gig at the Beach Bum then. What a glamtastic day! Willa, Ajay, Tkid, Minni, NEMO and all the rest were there. We even had a little Green Dragon visiting us! Misprint came to visit and listen, too; it was her first time at the Beach Bum. She had to leave early though, and I should have tried to chat with her more. Maybe I'll see her on Thursday at Club Casa Blanco.

Case and Mack sang the Pr0n song; always a crowd-pleaser. It was Drumstick's birthday so Case sang Happy Birthday to him. Mack and Case sang a duet of Santa Claus is Coming to Town; awesome! With Joce busy elsewhere they didn't have to play the Duck song but could stick to their regular fare.

In the evening I stopped by Topless Tuesday at The Nude West. Dj Farr was rocking the house along with all the beautiful/handsome Dancers (Steverino). Hehehehe was there when Isobela and I walked in, and Lexon and Hy showed up later.

Isobela had called me a little bit before the show to see if I was going to take my cannon to the club. I was, so she had me wait until she was there and in position to see me hurtle in and crash-land. She thought it was hilarious. I need to find a helmet.

I had to leave early to get some sleep; the big bosses' boss is coming in to town for a visit tomorrow and I need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Friendly Fire looks to be playing at a new place tomorrow; their MySpace page didn't have too many details. Mack and Case at a new venue can be incredible. Their weekly gigs at the usual places are great, but when they hit someplace they haven't been before and the people there realize just how good they really are the crowd can go berserk!

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