Monday, December 3, 2007

Geaux Tigers!

This morning I talked with Isobela about the plans her house and it's surroundings; she has some really good ideas. After a few cups of coffee I went over to help her work on it; I don't think I was much material help but I probably made her feel better.

In the afternoon DJ Elwe was having her weekly show in Zurich, this time in the town square which they had turned into a giant ice-skating ring. There was a large, decorated tree in the middle, benches around the sides and some vendors with warm drinks. It was a very nice place; they even provided complimentary ice skates for visitors. There were many, many people there and Elwe was playing her fantastic tunes to great acclaim. In her own words, "odd music is my specialty"!

Later on I was at home pondering some questions that Isobela had posed about jewelry and how to control how flashy it gets when Jocelyn stopped by. We chatted about music and DJing and such, then she went off to shop with a girlfriend while I finished up my research for Iso and then headed over to her place to check out the work that's been done on her new house. It's coming along nicely, I especially like the colors of the exterior walls.

This evening I had a meeting to go to, and will have another tomorrow night, but I got everything I needed ready early so I could stop by the start of the Friendly Fire gig at Echo Echo (or, in shorthand, FF EE). When I arrived Mack, Case and Tkid were wearing masks; they reminded me of the bags that Saints fans used to wear. This isn't the Saints year, but it's even less so for the poor Dolphins. On the bright side, LSU will be playing for the BCS National Championship!

My arrival was timed perfectly, just after saying all of my Hello's the sweet, sweet strings of 'Radio' engulfed the room. I was able to enjoy that song, and the next, but then had to leave. I was hoping to be back in time to catch part of the DJ Jocelyn and Tracy show, but my meeting took longer than I expected. As soon as I got home I called Isobela to check on the party and she said it had just broken up. She then teased me about all the fun and excitement that I had missed. That girl likes living dangerously, and it may very well catch up with her; soon.

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