Sunday, December 23, 2007

Toga! Toga! Toga!

I spent some time today working on Christmas and Holiday gifts. Good progress has been made. A special thanks to Brooke of Fairplay Designs and Arts for helping me with some vital parts.
In the afternoon Friendly Fire was playing at the Saphir Resort Dance Club. Saphir is a pretty cool place, very eclectic, worth another visit. I was doing the officer duties with Ajay and Isobela helping me out, though Iso had to leave early.

Everyone had a Glamtastic Good Time. There were multiple long guitar solo's, Case was really on his game today. Greensleeves on the Guitar never gets old!

EvaMoon was there, she's a comic jazz artist. Case had seen part of her act the night before and really talked her up. I definitely need to follow up and catch a show of hers.

Minni of the Beach Bum wasn't able to make it to the show, but Misprint was. Boy does that girl have an incredible set of wings on her!
Right after Mack and Case finished it was off to Londyn's Edge, the Chic, Elegant, Exclusive place that DJ Jocelyn was spinning her heart out at. Iso met me there after finishing up at the DJ Hangout.

There was a Holiday outfit theme, so I put on my Authentic Santa Claus outfit. Some of the locals there were impressed that the owner was able to get the real Santa to show up at her party, I guess it really is a good costume.

Some of the people stared giving me a hard time about how old Santa Claus is. I protested, and even put up a sign say that I was the "Young Santa"! Unfortunately I couldn't stay until the end of the show when they judged the costumes; I'm not sure who won.

I was able to take my daughter to see Santa on the Bayou at a friend's house. They have a really nice place, parties there are always a blast. Of course being on the bayou Katrina had wiped them out; they've finally finished reconstruction.

Later I was blessed with more of Music Therapist DJ Jocelyn at club Group Therapy. It was time for my weekly dose of music therapy, and a Toga Party! About half of the people showed up in costume; there were some really good togas there although Some People had worn unauthorized underwear under their togas. Pru had even found a Holiday Toga!

During the show Isobela was made a Friendly Fire Officer! Well, she will be one if she survives the initiation process. This process is a deep, dark secret which gives us a rather wide latitude in deciding what it will be.

Adrian and Isobela won costume contest at the end of the scheduled time, and darling Joce kept playing her fantastic music for us. Case had all of us get up on stage for some pictures, and Mack was busy positioning us just right!

We eventually ran out of requests for DJ Jocelyn so they turned the radio on for us as the party finished up. Tracy, Hy, Iso and I shut the place down again. Afterwards Isobela and I visited the Chichen Itza ruins in Mexico; a cool place to visit and a nice way to relax and wind down after another amazing day.

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