Sunday, December 9, 2007

Crazy, Zany

Isobela is just about finished with building her house. She and I spent some time today furniture shopping. It turns out we have much the same taste, in furniture.

In the evening it was once again time for spanking therapy at Club Group Therapy with Music Therapist DJ Jocelyn. She was ably assisted by the beautiful hostesses of the club Starr and Pru. Hy and Tracy, Ajay, Jud, Hare, Dheep, Caleb, Tank, Moongirl, Boopi and curm all showed up, and others; Friendly Fire was in the house and many beers were glammed.

DJ Joce had put alot of effort into finding a selection of songs for all of the holidays in December for us. Not just the religious holidays but things like Pearl Harbor day and Ding-A-Ling Day (Joce's favorite). DJ Jocelyn also did significant research into holiday music trivia for us. That DJ stuff sure is alot of work!

The theme was a "Crazy, Zany Holiday Event". I wore my newly-repaired Santa suit, and was often referred to as Tycho Claus! Many, many people passed me their wish-lists for Christmas. I guess I should feel happy that my costume was so good that many people were fooled into thinking I was the real Tycho Claus, but I'm afraid that there will be some disappointed people come Christmas morning.

The therapy session started out fairly subdued, but before too long the spanking commenced. I'm not sure who started it this time, Tracy. Isobela and I were prepared with our "Spankaholics" name tags. Jocelyn even put on her spanker, and there's "nothing better than spanking the DJ's star-spangled cheeks!"

DJ Jocelyn closed the show with a live version of the Duck song even though the lyrics were somewhat off-color. That precious snowflake Case was deeply offended by them, but I think he ended up forgiving her.

There was a nice after-show party, many of us stayed and danced to the radio. Padula and SaltySugar showed up, Bill too. Hy and Tracy tried some new dances that were pretty cool. It was a good way to relax from the hectic therapy, and a nice end to a most wonderful day.

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